Gaokerun always takes customers as the center, keeps improving product development, improves product development quality, shortens the cycle and ensures product delivery in an all-round way.

Gaokerun has established a complete test and verification laboratory system, which can test and verify the products in various stages of design, development, production and manufacturing, such as electromagnetic compatibility, safety regulations, reliability, environmental protection and so on.

Test Item

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Immunity(EMS) Electrostatic Test(ESD)
Surge test (surge voltage sag, short time interruption (pqt)
Fast transient pulse test(EFT)
Conducted disturbance immunity test(Immunity to conducted disturbances)
SAFETY   Electric Strength
Insulation Resistance
residual voltage test
Glow-wire Test
Proof Tracking Test
Leakage Current
Fault conditions
Pull force test
Ball impact test
Ball Pressure Test
Reliability   Salt Mist Test
Damp heat,steady state
Transport Vibration
Thermal Shock
Dry heat
Transport Drop
Sine and Random Vibration
Failure analysis   x-ray non-destructive test
ROHS directive test   ROHS directive test